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As a Personal Development Coach and NLP Practitioner, it has always been my passion to help people. I have the training, skills and experience from the military, combined with that from running a business, which will enable me to meet your requirements.


I served in the Army for Fourteen years, with over Twelve years of my time being spent as a Instructor in a wide range of subjects from: Drill(Marching), to First Aid, Tactics and Weapons. The success and reputation I gained, resulted in my being selected from the top ten Instructors, amongst the thousands from within the whole of the Royal Logistic Corps, to work at the Army Training Centre Pirbright, where I trained those individuals who signed up to join the Army and become a professional Soldier.

During my time at ATC Pirbright, the Armed Forces adapted their style of Instructing, by embracing the various modern day Coaching and Mentoring techniques, adapting these techniques with the proven style of historic Military teaching, produced an updated style that continues to be respected and modelled globally. I was honoured to be included during this process and extremely thankful, that this resulted in the advanced progression of my own personal development, skills training and professional experience.


I have been involved in Training, Coaching and Mentoring for over Sixteen years now, where I have received arguably the best training in the world, from fellow Military Instructors. However, it is important that I can relate to those who have not been involved with the Military and so I have ensured that my own: Continued Personal Development - CPD, has involved the most highly qualified and experienced, civilian Coaches and Professionals.

My knowledge has been expanded by the four years I have now spent in Business and the experiences gained, by creating a successful Chauffeur company, that grew to a £1/4 million turnover Business within three years, without the use of investment, loans or initial capital. Since negotiating the merger of the chauffeur company with another and ultimately selling it towards the end of 2016, I can now proudly demonstrate;

  • Coaching and Mentoring - I have Sixteen years of Coaching and Mentoring Experience at the highest level
  • Running a Business - Currently four years experience of being in Business and a successful Entrepreneur
  • Professional Qualifications - Neuro Linguistic Programming - NLP Practitioner
  • Educational Qualifications - Currently undertaking ILM level 5 Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Continuous Personal Development - Numerous Workshops/Courses, regarding: Small Business, Mindfulness, Social Media and Marketing, to name a few.

Due to some unforeseen errors, when some Armed Forces individuals transition into society and seek to transfer their skills gained during military service, they are lost. Unfortunately I fell foul of this and although I had Coached and Mentored for so many years and even gained my "Train The Trainer" qualification, which saw me being responsible for training those who trained others, I am unable to gain higher level qualifications within the profession.

Charity Work

During my time in the Army I spent alot of time organising Charity events at various locations around the globe, including whilst on Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, raising money for Macmillan Cancer, Royal British Legion and Help For Heroes. 

I was finally “officially” diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, by Combat Stress in 2015 and have since, worked tirelessly to raise awareness of the struggle Veterans and their families face on a daily basis, whilst fighting to remove the stigma attached to this “Unsighted Wound”.

Through these times, I have used my own personal, painful experiences and combined them with those I had through my time in the Army, as a professional coach and mentor, in order to assist others in their own lives and as such created an online signposting and self-help site – First Step Forward

The largest event I planned, organised and took part in, was a 1000mile non-stop cycle ride from Esbjerg down the west coast through Europe to Ranville in France in time for the 60th Anniversary of D-Day and was one of many handful of highlights in my life, which saw us raising over £20,000. There was also, the Basrah Valentine Half Marathon, where over 450 Multinational Armed Forces personnel took part in a Half Marathon, covered by the Sun newspaper, running around in the searing heat, at Iraq's international Basrah airport, which also included a sandstorm!

It has been an absolute honor and privilege, to work with the Charities and all those individuals who not only supported me through sponsoring, but also through providing emotional support and physically taking part. In total, everyone who has supported me over the years, has helped to raise over £50,000 for various charities.

The Business Battlefield - Out Now

Buy a copy of my new book via Amazon or should you prefer a signed paperback, then simply drop me a line, then I can arrange for them to be sent out to you;

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