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Own Mental Health In 2018

Workplace Mental Health is the topic and we shall be looking at, how you can go about ensuring that you and your business, regardless of size, takes ownership of Mental Health in 2018 and why you should in the first place?

A Life Goal Achieved, But Fear Prevented My Sharing

Goals, they play a pretty large part in our lives or at least they should do, for those that actually plan them. So if they are such an important part of your life, what prevents you from sharing in your success by achieving them?

This is an honest account of Goals, Motivation, Life's Challenges and of Values, of my own huge, personal achievement, that I was in fact, too scared to share, until now.

Workplace Mental Health, It Needn't Stress You Out?

Next week on Tuesday 10th October 17, is the World Health Organisation – Mental Health Awareness Day, with the topic this year highlighting Mental Health in the Workplace and so I ask you this question;

How supportive are you of Health and Wellbeing in the work place for your employees, specifically regarding Mental Health?

Wilson's Life Launches Online Coaching

Wilson’s Life Online is a Personal Development platform, that provides the individual with everything they need, all within the one location. From synching with your calendar and making appointments(which in turn, emails you a reminder the day before), to seeing your progress through the online journal, paying your invoices and even providing feedback to your coach on each session.

Online Coaching Program Coming Soon

A new Online Coaching service will soon be launched, with initially, a Three Month program called - Who Are You?

High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire Attends Mental Health Workshop

Around 70 million working days are lost annually due to mental health-related illness, costing Britain annually £70 - £100bn. With 1 in 6 of the UK's workforce, struggling with mental health challenges, it is a subject that businesses should no longer ignore.

Are you fully prepared within your own business?  Are you aware of those individuals within your own workforce who may require support?

New Arbonne Consultancy Service

We are proud to announce the release of our new Arbonne Consultancy services, which has been designed specifically around the requirements of an Arbonne Consultant and with a full understanding of the Arbonne process, after working with our own Arbonne Consultant Clients for some time now.

This also includes a pricing structure, for a single Independent from District Manager level, and a Team of Consultants, whereby we could work with the District or Area Manager and their own team of Consultants.

Nick Wilson - My Story

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week 2017, Wilson's Life very own founder, Nick Wilson, invites you in to learn the truth about his inner most fears and reveals the secrets that most, would never admit to those closest to them. 

"We all have a responsibility to embrace the T.A.S.K at hand", read on to find out more.......

FREE Mental Health Awareness Workshops

In support of: "Mental Health Awareness Week", Wilson's Life have designed a bespoke two hour: "Mental Health in Business" Workshop, which they are offering to businesses for FREE and will provide key information relevant to, what can be done and how to handle the challenges presented.

Business Battlefield Book, Radio Promotion Tour

The Business Battlefield - A Soldiers Journey, went on it's own journey, as the Author: Nick Wilson, visited several radio stations around the region, who wanted to hear all about the book and the Author's Transition from the Military, back into Society.

The Business Battlefield - Out Now

Buy a copy of my new book via Amazon or should you prefer a signed paperback, then simply drop me a line, then I can arrange for them to be sent out to you;

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