Wilson's Life and Bloxham Mill Business Centre, have partnered to provide a subsidised, very special and bespoke, one-off, "Mental Health in Business" Workshop, with Guest of Honour: The High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire – Peter Cara.

“It is a privilege to be in attendance at this workshop as it is very much in alignment with my own desire to raise awareness of mental health issues affecting people’s lives. It is a wonderful idea for us all to work together to remove the stigma and break down the barriers preventing appropriate and timely treatment for those, in all walks of life, who have hitherto suffered in silence” – Peter Cara, High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire.

Nick Wilson, the founder of Wilsons Life, designed the bespoke two hour workshop that will concentrate on SME businesses, their workforce, management and the individual. Not necessarily all SME's, have the resources to be able to financially support someone with Mental Health challenges and so, how can they best show their support, without it using considerable resources that may leave some in a precarious position?

The Workshop will address, the stigma surrounding Mental Health in the workplace and how to recognise it, employee involvement and relationships, what can help to minimise it, and suggested support and training for your supervisors, line managers and management. Three key benefits you will gain from this Workshop are;

  • How to recognise symptoms
  • How to support individuals and/or management
  • What next

Nick Wilson, whose idea this was, presents the Workshop and faces daily challenges with the affects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after his time in the Military says - "I am personally and professionally, very aware of the pros and cons associated with employing those with mental health challenges. By simply understanding their limitations, identifying their skills and relating those skills to your industry, whilst providing support and training, you will continue to benefit as a business".

The Workshop is being subsidised by Bloxham Mill Business Centre and Wilsons Life, so it is complimentary to attendees. It is being held on: 22 June, 2017 @ 10:00hrs at : Bloxham Mill Business Centre, Barford Road, Bloxham, Banbury, Oxfordshire, OX15 4FF.

You are respectfully requested to register your interest and provide contact details, by booking emailing reception@bloxhammill.com or calling 01295 722800

NB: All places must be booked in advance no later than 12pm on Wednesday 21st June.