This new online service has been designed, specifically in mind, around those of you who have very busy lives and may struggle to take time out, in order to further develop yourselves to your full potential. It was not Nick Wilsons intention to 'Follow suit' and produce an online program, however he has so, in response to the needs of his clients.

"I understand why Coach's put some of their programs online, however it was not the way I initially wanted to go. After speaking with various clients and having experienced the difficulties that some of my clients have faced to make appointments, due to their hectic schedules, I wanted to meet their requirements to help save them time" - Nick Wilson, Personal Development Coach, Published Author and Motivational Speaker.

The first program - Who Are You? Is designed for those of you who want or need to truly understand more about your dreams, passions, goals and what drives, motivates and inspires you, what are your values and beliefs? 

Who Are You? Is a Three month program and includes;

  • Eight Topics
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Personal Video Introductions and guidance
  • Fortnightly Personal Video Call
  • Monthly Group Video Call
  • Access to Restricted Facebook Group, to compare notes with others.

This can be important if you find yourselves simply 'existing' in life or maybe you have a customer facing role - Customer Services, Sales and Marketing, where you need to understand the needs of others, are you in Management or maybe you are about to start your own business?

"Everyone needs the support of others in order to successfully progress through life and so the importance of fully understanding how other people work, cannot be underestimated. However, before you can understand others, you need to gain an understanding of who YOU are and where YOU are going in life, what are YOUR values and beliefs? Know yourself and what drives you, before then aligning yourself with others like you and you will succeed" - Nick Wilson.

Currently Nick is researching the various online platforms, before everything can be uploaded and tested, however the program is due to be launched between mid to the end of August 17. The cost is likely to be around £195 including vat, dependent on the cost of the online platform, although Nick is looking at the more cost effective platforms at this stage, in order to keep the costs down slightly.

There WILL be a LIMITED INTRODUCTORY OFFER with full details to be released in the next couple of weeks. To register your interest now and to be in the chance of claiming this offer, Contact Nick Wilson quoting - WhoAreYou17. Good Luck.