The launch of Wilsons Life Online, brings together a combination of: hundreds of hours personal development for Nick Wilson and a desire to provide his clients, with a service that is: more tangible than others, more streamlined and ultimately, saves time.

When you look at the various steps that need to be taken when you are working with a Coach, you may need to;

  1. Email numerous times back and forth, just to find the right date that fits you both, for an appointment.
  2. Download various attachments, worksheets and questionnaires, which includes more emails.
  3. Have a separate folder for your invoices., which includes more emails and downloads.
  4. Access your bank to pay the invoices.
  5. Go onto their YouTube page to watch various video's, once you have found them.
  6. Continually email back and forth, regarding notes, asking questions and wondering how you are getting on.

With the new online platform, all of this will be achieved in one place;

  • Online Calendar that syncs with yours 
  • Client Portfolio
  • Client Values, Goals and Journal
  • Client Library
  • Client Classroom
  • Client Invoicing

This is the first step forward into providing online services for Wilson’s Life, with the next step being the launch of their three month online coaching program – Who Am I? on Monday 14 August 17. This will be followed by various Webinars over the coming months, as the founder, Nick Wilson, looks to further support individuals in understanding themselves, their values and goals, with a clear, concise direction and purpose.

 “Through my time in the Army, I am a great believer in the power of values, belief and standards and after running my own successful business, I have seen first-hand, what a difference it can make to individuals, not just personally, but also within the framework of a team or business. Take that a step further, to a point where not only has an individual a real understanding of themselves, but also, how to best understand those around them, their wants, needs, desires and their “story”. 

The ability to really understand others…… just how valuable would that be for: Team Cohesion / Customer Services / Management / Effective Communication / Leadership / Sales / Marketing?” – Nick Wilson, Personal Development Coach, Published Author and Speaker.

The platform will only be available to those clients of Wilson’s Life, however this will include those who purchase the new Online Coaching Program – Who Am I? that is coming out on Monday 14 August 17. To register your interest in Who Am I? and to be among the first, to gain access to this new program or for more information, then Contact Nick Wilson directly now, until the automated system is fully tested.


Following Nick Wilson’s recent presentation, to the entrepreneurial students at The University of Buckingham, Professor Nigel Adams left the following video testimonial;